About QuietGriot

Quiet what?

In the West Arfrican tradition, a griot is a traveling musician who records and shares history through song and poetry. QuietGriot conveys stories through photography and documentary vignettes.


The QuietGriot, somewhere north of Timbuktu.

My real-world name is Christopher Herby. I’m an independent photographer currently working has a delegate for the¬†International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Prior to this chapter, I crisscrossed 7,000 kilometers through West Africa to produce the Pulaku Project – a multimedia documentary on the changing lifestyle of nomadic Fulani herders. I previously fueled my¬†wanderlust working for the Peace Corps in Benin, racing bicycles on the pro cycling tour, and maintaining mongolian yurts in the Rocky Mountains.

I regularly shoot photos and video on the ICRC’s humanitarian activities to assist victims of conflict. I am not currently available for private assignments.

QuietGriot photos have been published by:

  • Outside magazine
  • CyclingNews.com
  • Brussels Airlines magazine
  • International Cycling Union (UCI) 2010 yearbook
  • TOUR magazine (Germany)
  • WorldView magazine
  • ICRC website and media publications